Thursday, March 16, 2006

Each year, Carita Feliz holds a beauty pageant contest, similar to Miss World only on a smaller scale and a lot more fun. There are three categories: Miss Princesita 2006, Miss Chiquitita 2006 and Miss Carita Feliz 2006. Profiles of the candidates and photos from the "heats" will appear shortly.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I have now updated the organisation part of the website with photos and roles of all the staff in Carita Feliz. Its incredible that we have grown to have a staff of 41 people and that really makes me proud. - Andreas

Peder celebrated his 60th birthday last year in Carita Feliz. Here's a photo that I've forgotten to post from the day.

We have a new sponsored class, with 32 students in both Primaria and Secundaria level. The class is being sponsored by the staff of IBS, a company based in Dallas, Texas.

They are Front Row (left to right): Tim McKenney, Cindy Lyons, Jennifer Jamen, Catherine Higginbotham. Back Row (left to right): Paul Fuller, Martin Bergstrand, James Rankin, Andreas Jensen.

Thank you!

Fotos de Ninos que visitan Carita Feliz que estan muy contentos y que participan de las diferentes actividades que se realizan a diario en Carita Feliz. Ellos los gustan que los fotografien!!!!!

The pinatas and arts & crafts work is sold at the center, with the profits going to the artist and to buy more materials for their work.

Another example of the crochet work done by mothers and children at the center.

Estos son algunos de los articulos elaborados por en las diferentes clases, como son bordado y la clase de Pinatas. Estos son vendidos y el 50 % son de los ninos que la elaboran y el otro para comprar materiales para realizar otros articulos.

Despues de la presentacion todo los ninos tiene la oportunidad de bailar y ganar algun premio. Y estas dos ninas no son la excepcion!!!!!. No cree usted que son adorables?

Ninos despues de ganar uno de los premios que se ofrecen a los ninos que participan alegremente en la cenas de los ninos en Carita Feliz. Todos disfrutan y ganan premios, en fin se divierten en grande.

The center is still popular on week nights, with 200+ kids visiting for dinner, show and fun. The dances are both modern (salsa, merengue, reggae, etc) as well as traditional (see photo). Students from the day-classes get to perform to an audience of 200+ of their peers - each night!

In addition, there is fun & games with competitions, singing together, prizes and other performances (theatre, special events, solo performances). In the photo above, we have a game of tug of war. It looks like the girls are winning! This is actually an excellent way of building individual confidence as well as developing team work. Oh, and fun.

Another update - well, it happened some months ago, but its still noteworthy - is that Carita Feliz has a new Director, Miss Evelyn Bermudez. She has been closely involved with the centers activities for several years, but now has the responsibility for the staff and children, as well as ensuring that the center develops in future. - Andreas

We're back online after a short break (almost a year!). However, now Carita Feliz has its own Communications Manager, Rene Berroteran, who will be managing the Carita Feliz website as well as ensuring that news from the center come online. One result of this is that we will have postings in both English and Spanish - I hope you still get the gist of the updates and that the pictures speak for themselves! - Andreas.